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Stop closing questions that do not need the attention of a medical professional as 'self-help'

Every now and then, we close questions pertaining to a single individual as 'self-help' questions. This can be quite confusing to the OP if they do not need the attention of a medical profesional. For ...
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What to do with seemingly anecdotal questions but actually because of lacking of terms?

We all expect sources to be indicative of general recurring observations, but what happens if the search result is overwhelmed with self-help articles that the anecdote became the only source "to be ...
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What to do with questions asking for terms?

Finally I think I understand the frustration of looking for a theory based on observations and be closed as self-help. I know questions listing symptoms, ultimately, are for self-help, but still they ...
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Are questions looking for a theory based on observations self-help?

Example question: What makes a personality of rapid anger outburst? At a glance, one can see that question lists an extensive number of symptoms, which easily be classified as self-help looking for ...
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Why is the question about women rejecting unsuitable man about individual person?

The question How does a woman reject an unsuitable man? was closed as off-topic for the reason of asking about a behavior of individual person. However, I fail to see how this reason stands. The ...
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Question put on hold as self help question when it isn't - how to improve?

I asked a question which has nothing to do with self help. It was about trying to find medical evidence to corroborate what was told to me by doctor. Basically I was told that long psychiatric ...
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Link list for self-help questions?

Could we create a link list to forums, support groups, professional counseling drop-in centres etc. for self-help questions? I often see people looking for help and would like to send them somewhere ...
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General strategies for converting self-help into a useful general question for this site

Problems with self-help questions: As far as I can tell, there are two main problems with self-help questions. There are concerns about providing clinical advice where someone should be seeking the ...