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Are humorous remarks in posts okay?

I have posted an answer to a question, that included a joke and serious information. The humor was clearly constrained to what i would call a short witty remark, clearly marked as humor by following ...
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Cross-Posting a Question

There was a recent question on hearing and ear-popping that, while it seems like an OK fit for the "sensation" tag of CogSci SE, might get better/different/more detailed answers on the Biology SE. Is ...
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Etiquette: responding in comments to thank-yous

In the case where someone answers a question, and the asker or someone else thanks the answerer for the answer in a comment, is site etiquette (A) to respond with a "you're welcome" comment, since ...
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How do I ask a good question?

Our scope in terms of topics is very broad, and covers things from the most accessible to obscure. The field also has many misconceptions, false beliefs, and pseudo-questions. This makes it very ...
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What is the etiquette for asking and answering your own question?

Is it okay to answer your own question? Are there any rules that should govern asking and answering your own questions?
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