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3 answers

Closing questions with answer in the comment?

Some questions are so easy that they can be answered with a comment. These questions are often posed as "what is the name of phenomenon X" or reference requests. Answerers often don't know the exact ...
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Feedback of "not an answer but a comment" flag

Sometimes, quite a few bad answers are given to questions which, luckily, get flagged and removed. However, the feedback we give is not always that clear. The feedback we give us as follows: This ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Extended discussion in comments

I am finding that there is some friction accumulating with some of the members of the site, through extended commenting on posts. The thing I find most frustrating about this, is: we are all ...
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Etiquette: responding in comments to thank-yous

In the case where someone answers a question, and the asker or someone else thanks the answerer for the answer in a comment, is site etiquette (A) to respond with a "you're welcome" comment, since ...
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Is there a way to transfer a comment to an answer?

I recently answered a question on the main site, and soon after my answer was moved to a comment. I've since edited the answer to be more informative and specific to the question that was asked. The ...
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What should be the fate of obsolete comments?

I have been going through some of the older posts on the site and finding lots of what I perceive as obsolete comments: chats about edits which have long been committed, "thanks", "welcome to the site"...
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