I would very much like to see this site continue to grow and improve, and am happy to pitch in however I can. Introduction: I am a lay person with no professional experience in this field. I do have a Bachelors in Psychology from the University of Toronto in Canada, where I graduated with Honours and was on the Dean's List for scholastic achievement. My ...


The SE community team has been notified that we wish to appoint Arnon Weinberg as pro tem mod for this site. This, simply based on the gross vote score. Thanks to both of the candidates to share their views to advance this site. Both are excellent candidates. We'll keep you posted.


Such changes are beyond what we can do given that this site is only part of the bigger Stack Exchange network. On the meta site of Stack Exchange however, this topic has been raised before. In case you are interested you can fight for the proposal there, but on this site, this is beyond our reach.


I wish to volunteer as moderator, and below is my submission as requested Introduction For those who don't know me, I have been a member of this site for 3 years, 5 months and I am qualified in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapeutic Counselling through completing the relevant courses at Reading University. I have also been supporting those who have been ...


Congrats Alice! And thanks for all the work Josh. In regards to: One of my long-time goals here is getting us out of beta. The ways to get there are, basically, two-fold. From my vantage point this is: 1) passively go on as we do now and slowly build this site further; or 2) actively change site focus, name changes, improving site stats through ...


Short answer No we are not - you assumed we (i.e., the mod team of Psych&Neurosci) were contacted, and we were not. Background I commented in your linked Phil Meta post: AliceD - My apologies for our unresponsiveness. I pretty much always respond to summons in the teacher's lounge - but this question was not brought t[o] my attention. There are three ...


It never did. I closed your Q because it was self-help. You edited by adding... How can I do a controlled experiment or test to determine which chemical is giving me a mental advantage in creative thinking? ...and now it's OK for me.

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