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Question about twin studies

Back on July 18, I have asked the question: The question has ...
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Please advise on asking a transgender question

OK, I'll be right up front. In right wing media it's no secret they don't buy in to the transgender theories, as they are popularly understood and discussed in other media. As such, right wing media ...
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Could "Is there a such thing as collective narcissism?" be modified or asked again in a different form such that it could be answered?

I ran across Is there a such thing as collective narcissism? by accident just now and my first thought was hmm... yes sure, something at least analogous to it, and something like this surely has been ...
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Is the question about abuser treatment broad anymore?

The question How likely abusers with low motivation to change actually be aware of the hurt they made after having legal issue? has now been edited to Why is the effectiveness of treatments for ...
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Upvoting under-researched questions

In re Brain Waves and Psilocybin Mushroom where the entire question was: Is there any research on brain waves when on Psilocybin Mushrooms or LSD ? Thanks Currently at +4/-0 votes, I'm kinda ...
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Why was/is "Should “just asking” as a reason for asking a particular question be strictly considered to a (unrealized) false statement?" off-topic?

Regarding The comment under the question states: I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it's a question for the English SE, not CogSci ...
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10 questions migrated from Gamification

Just a FYI: Gamification was closed in private beta. As there was some overlap in scope with this site, some of the questions posted there were migrated here after it was closed. These may need some ...
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