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TV doesn't improve [creatvity]

creatvity appears to have been created as a misspelling of creativity. But what surprised me was that the former has a tag wiki and the latter doesn't. I don't see a benefit in keeping the misspelling ...
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Please be more careful with tags such as [cognitive-modeling]

One of the only ways I can still browse CogSci.SE is by using tags. However, it seems that people are not being careful with tags. Can we do something about this? In particular, I was recently ...
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1 answer

Protocol for new tag suggestions and retagging

Are you guys n gals ok with me making more tag suggestions on here? Also, also, are you guys n gals happy for me to apply new tags retrogradely to existing posts? ps pls note I have edit privileges ...
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Should the tag "subconscious" be renamed to "unconscious"?

If I am not mistaken, the term "subconscious" is related to psychoanalysis and is usually avoided in academic psychology. Instead the term "unconscious" is used to describe phenomena happening without ...
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What is the meaning of the tag "attribution" and should it be renamed?

I just spotted the tag "attribution" and I think that its usage is not very fortnunate: In psychology, the term attribution is closely ...
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