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7 votes
2 answers

Not all observations necessarily need a term in psychology

We get a lot of questions asked by layman users along the lines of: I have observed X, (based on which I hypothesize this might be a recurring common pattern). I don't know what to search for. ...
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2 answers

Which subfields should we target when trying to attract new users?

In the chat some of us discussed an approach to attract new users for CogSci. @Honi suggested the following: If you want multiple fields to use the CogSci site, you still need a critical mass ...
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1 answer

Can we flag a person?

Because everyone can see this post I will refrain from using names. It happens from time to time that a particular (often new) user at cogsci asks many badly phrased questions. That is normally not ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Answering new users questions

Just a thought: A way to encourage new users to keep returning to the site would be to prioritize answering these questions over the regular users. What do you think? I have asked a truckload of ...
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1 vote
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Do we want a disclaimer on the sidebar that we cannot offer medical advice?

Another Stack Exchange Site, has the following disclaimer on right side nav for new users: Like Wikipedia, this site makes no guarantee of validity, and does not offer ...
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Over-moderation and building a userbase

I believe that this SE may be slightly over-moderated. By that I mean, the moderators are acting too often. I see many people come on the site, ask an interesting (if broad or poorly worded question), ...
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