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Questions tagged [migration]

Questions related to migration, i.e. migrating off-topic questions from Psychology & Neuroscience Stack Exchange to another Stack Exchange site, or from elsewhere to this site.

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4 votes
3 answers

Would there be any problem with "ping pong" migration?

Question in question: How do addiction and fear affect patient's decisional-making capacity? The history of it is this: First I asked it on Medical Sciences SE because I though it would be better ...
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1 answer

Are we slow on answering mods from other sites?

According to this meta question on Philosophy, it seems that we are slow on replying requests from mods of other sites. Is this correct?
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3 votes
1 answer

Is my question about free will and law on-topic?

Earlier I posted a question about free will. By the time I got around to checking my stackexchange account, my question had been migrated to Law SE, put on hold there, and now I can’t even comment. ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Why is the only off-topic option CS.meta?

In voting to close, why is the only off-topic option the CS.meta? That forces "off-topic" to mean the much more specific and less useful "on-topic in meta"!
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10 questions migrated from Gamification

Just a FYI: Gamification was closed in private beta. As there was some overlap in scope with this site, some of the questions posted there were migrated here after it was closed. These may need some ...
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Migrating a few questions from economics.SE?

Economics - Stack Exchange is closing. They have until May 4 to migrate questions. There's a meta discussion of the migration process on I went through their questions and found 9 (out ...
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