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Feedback of "not an answer but a comment" flag

Sometimes, quite a few bad answers are given to questions which, luckily, get flagged and removed. However, the feedback we give is not always that clear. The feedback we give us as follows: This ...
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Can we flag a person?

Because everyone can see this post I will refrain from using names. It happens from time to time that a particular (often new) user at cogsci asks many badly phrased questions. That is normally not ...
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Why is the only off-topic option CS.meta?

In voting to close, why is the only off-topic option the CS.meta? That forces "off-topic" to mean the much more specific and less useful "on-topic in meta"!
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Please flag posts which go against the site rules

The past few days a whole lot of flags were raised, but a few of them I had to decline since a simple down vote or comment was sufficient. Please only flag when needed! On the other hand, on one ...
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Science fiction not in question, but in comments

There's a recent question that was rewritten (very well!) to be relevant to cognitive science, but then in the comments it becomes clear that the asker isn't looking for scientific information ...
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What should be the fate of obsolete comments?

I have been going through some of the older posts on the site and finding lots of what I perceive as obsolete comments: chats about edits which have long been committed, "thanks", "welcome to the site"...