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Are cognitive sciences actually being... scientific?

I came here searching a board to ask psychological (or rather psychiatric) questions. But I mean scientific questions - that's why is something happening based on evidence - not an opinion. I've read ...
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Our FAQ endorses self-help questions

Not all users neglect the FAQ, and those that don't can still be mislead by it since unfortunately we inherit the generic SO template as Knight correctly pointed out in a comment to a question of his ...
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Add "What are Cognitive Sciences?" to the FAQ

The new welcome text is a (groan) welcome addition, but I was thinking maybe a quick blurb in the FAQ could help make it abundantly clear that "cognitive sciences" is not just an alternate spelling of ...
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What process should we adopt to create our FAQ?

A question was recently asked about what should go in our FAQ. At present our FAQ is minimal, and I think we should start to make the FAQ a useful part of our site. But this raises the issue of how ...
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How should our FAQ define us?

Currently the only unique part of our FAQ is as follows: Cognitive Sciences - Stack Exchange is for practitioners and research professionals of the cognitive sciences. The rest is boilerplate that ...
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What is our site NOT about?

Reading the The 7 Essential Meta Questions You'll notice Super User has laid out what items are on topic AND off topic on their site. Database Administrators has also done a superb job outlining ...
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