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How do I run a SEDE query for this site?

The Stack Exchange Data Explorer lets you write SQL queries to find questions, answers, comments, users etc across the StackExchange network, but the query interface throws an error if I try to select ...
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Is this a vote registration bug which should be taken to

When searching for questions with open questions with no answers using answers:0 closed:no I got the following in the search results. When going into the question there was an upvote. Going back and ...
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2 answers

Data Explorer still using old (now broken) icon link

Just reporting a small bug. Data Explorer's icon has not (yet) been updated: Its icon is no longer but is now
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Bug with area51 visitors per day statistics

Update: As mentioned below, this appears to be a StackExchange wide phenomena. There appears to be a bug with the site statistics. A few days ago, we had 3,000+ visitors per day, and over the last ...
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Psych & Neurosci name change - some residuals

I would like to list remaining issues here below that need attention after our name change. I have added a new one open one below: The Site description now reads: Q&A for practitioners, ...
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Site name is not updated in the Android app

Unknown Site cogsci It is updated on the edit panel though
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Question on hold for a different reason to the reason I gave

This is in relation to How does this Anamorphic illusion work? I noticed there were several votes to close for an "unclear question" and when I voted, I voted to migrate to PhysicsSE. However when I ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Question views not updating?

My recent question has received three upvotes, yet it shows only 2 views. This seems wrong, as I understand views. Here's my screenshot (from Google Chrome):
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1 answer

Edit count dropped suddenly

I had roughly 250 edits (which included tag wikis) listed as of last week. I'm not sure when the number changed, but it dropped to 104 suddenly. Was this a recent change? Are tag wiki edits not ...
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13 votes
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How to stop CogSci.SE from being listed as publication on Google Scholar, especially incorrectly

I noticed this a few days ago, and it has really been bothering me. For some random reason CogSci questions show up on my Google Scholar citation profile. Even more awkwardly, most of these questions ...
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3 votes
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Paging fails at 15,30, and 50 items per page

For a similar discussion (though the issue appears to have been resolved over there), see this Meta.Biology post. To reproduce: Go to the Questions link/tab Select the last page (in our case, page #...
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