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Any thoughts why my questions don't receive significant activity? Any recommendations?

It sometimes hard to predict which questions will receive a lot of attention or will be answered quickly, or not. Perhaps three out of eight questions with low activity is a statistical fluke. ...
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Is this question about whether studies that refute non-notable claims on topic?

The question I want to ask was inspired by this Meta post. Specifically, it was asking if "conjecture questions" should require some degree of support before they can be asked. One thing that came up ...
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Tery Pratchett and Alzheimer's

Sir Terry Pratchet, the author of books including the Discword series, suffered from mental illnesses in later life leading tragically to his early demise. I wish to ask a question relating to his ...
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Why aren't we asking more questions?

Our Questions stats are pretty bad, currently 2.3 questions per day. How can we encourage more questions on the site? Has anything prevented you from asking questions? Do you think anything is ...
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