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What should we change the name of our site to, if anything?

There have been many other threads that discuss a possible name change. The Community Team has suggested we focus on growing our community first before considering a name change. This logic seems to ...
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Cognitive Sciences 2012-2016: Community Review

This is a first step into an attempted reboot of this community: Rebooting Cognitive Sciences: a Suggested Approach As messy as meta is, through an organized community effort I'm hoping to collect ...
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Whither a more inclusive site name?

During discussions about a possible merger with the Neuroinformatics proposal see this Meta.cogsci question, on the related discuss.area51 post a comment was made about whether the name of the site is ...
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Cognitive Science Reboot 2017: Changing the Name

To address persisting problems with this community, a long time ago we initiated a 'reboot' of the site as part of which we decided on a more professional target audience. To this end, we introduced a ...
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Name change of CogSci - what about Psychology?

The [pending] site's name [change] has been on my mind for quite a while. I may be off here, but my preference now (I voted for Mind & Brain earlier in some lost meta post) is: Psychology ...
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What welcome message should we have?

Many users are keen to change the welcome message from the current version This is a collaboratively edited question and answer site for practitioners and research professionals of the cognitive ...
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Vote for a new site name!

VOTE FOR NEW SITE NAME: PSYCHOLOGY AND NEUROSCIENCE or MIND AND BRAIN. PLEASE VOTE HERE. (Ignore the automatic greyout.) It is a fact that there is essentially no support for Cognitive Sciences as a ...
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Refining scope and new site name

This is part of the second step into an attempted reboot of this community: Rebooting Cognitive Sciences: a Suggested Approach This site is now several years in beta, and it is about time we revisit ...
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How will branding affect the perceived inclusiveness of cognitive science and psychology?

Background: This site arose out the merging of three area-51 proposals: Cognitive science Psychology Psychology and psychiatry From the initial beta period, the site clearly has many questions that ...
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What is the current status for the site name change proposal?

I see that there was once a tide of site name change proposal around April - May '12 (5 years ago). It seems that nothing has changed since then. What is the current status of this proposal? Is it ...
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