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Striking a balance between citations and common sense in answers

Please bear with me. I am throwing up suggestions, before writing my final question below. I am addressing the way we can answer questions, based on citations, linking answer style with question style....
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What level of citing references or sources should be required for answers?

The Cognitive Sciences site is going to be slightly different from many of the other Stack Exchange sites. Unlike Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Super User, etc. our questions do not indicate a problem ...
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What to do with answers that fall short of our standards of evidence?

I've received a flag for the following answer: My own personal experience: I learned about "sending energy" in massage school, and experimented with sending it to people I knew, just to see ...
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"Flag" and "Recommend Deletion" options for answers that are merely unscientific opinions

The following suggestions address the case where users treat the forum like a social media site (eg, reddit or slashdot), and post "opinion" answers, with no attempt to suggest that they have any ...
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Citation or Link needs to be mandatory in questions

I am going to argue that a citation or link needs to be mandatory for every question, otherwise the question should be closed. I recognise that this a perennial question and proposition that has been ...
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Do we want a warning about scientific answers before users answer?

As it was pointed out in chat, Skeptics has the following disclaimer when asking a question: Our site has a disclaimer displayed when new users try to answer questions also, but ours currently looks ...
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Are we to accept only Wikipedia links in answers?

This question comes on the back of answers and where the answer only has links to Wikipedia articles....
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Why I'm participating here a lot less often

Q like this get a lot of upvotes for some reason Long term effect of masturbation on Estrogen receptors Spoiler: the paper doesn't mention masturbation in its abstract: Males of many species ...
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flagged post as "no sources"

I answered this question a few days ago and it has since received quite a bit of criticism. Now its flagged as not having any sources when it clearly has 3. It had 2 before I added another one a ...
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Ban ChatGPT and AI-generated answers on Psych & Neuro.SE

See Ban ChatGPT network-wide for reference. Briefly, ChatGPT is a language model that uses the statistics of words in a training dataset to generate grammatically correct responses to plain language ...
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Is it possible to have a giant floating banner that reads: "YOU MUST CITE YOUR CLAIMS […]"

If you haven't noticed, there's been a small spike in new responders lately, which is great! However, it's not great that the majority of them are not citing any of their claims…many of which are ...
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