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Cognitive Sciences 2012-2016: Community Review

This is a first step into an attempted reboot of this community: Rebooting Cognitive Sciences: a Suggested Approach As messy as meta is, through an organized community effort I'm hoping to collect ...
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Are questions about coding psychology and cognitive science experiments, simulations, etc. on topic?

I just wanted to check what the general rules were about asking questions about writing and debugging code related to psychology and cognitive science experiments. The kinds of things that I'm ...
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Refining scope and new site name

This is part of the second step into an attempted reboot of this community: Rebooting Cognitive Sciences: a Suggested Approach This site is now several years in beta, and it is about time we revisit ...
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Neuroinformatics and cognitive sciences?

I'm asking this in light of the Beta site closure announcements question, but I don't want to steal its thunder. Realizing that we share at least some of the subject matter in common with the ...
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Neurobiology Rivalries, part V, A Newer Hope?

This question was encouraged by @ChuckSherrington in relation to the question "What regulates the strength of motoric signals?". The on- or off-topicness of neurobiology questions has been actively ...
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Splitting up questions on neurobiology between and

I want to ask here, where you draw the line between and, as there is some interdisciplinary overlap, when it comes to Evolutionary Psychology Ethology/Sociobiology ...
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Are questions about animals on topic?

When I saw What are the effects of implanting electrodes into the brains of monkeys? that raised the question, are questions about animal cognitive science / the function of animal brains on topic? ...
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Site description for the cogsci.SE facebook page

Please write a short sexy site description for the info section of the cogsci.SE Facebook page. The text should: address our target audience of "researchers, academics, students ... in the "...
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Neurobiology Rivalries, part IV, A New Hope?

This is a follow on for these 3 questions: The neuroscience and neurobiology tags Are questions about neurobiology on or off topic? Splitting up questions on neurobiology between ...
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Are specific brain facts about specific people considered on topic?

I saw this question come up today and I don't know if this is the kind of question we want to encourage here. It's motivation is trivia, rather than learning or knowledge sharing. Is there be a policy ...
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