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What level of initial research is expected on questions?

There are many degrees of initial research: read the wikipedia article on the topic read the first hit of a Google search on the topic performed a basic search on Google scholar and read one or more ...
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Moderator Pro-Tem Announcement

Throughout the beta, we need members from the site whose focus is to engage the community, both in community-building issues and site management. That's why we select a few members from each community ...
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Refining our target audience / Question expertise

This is part of the second step into an attempted reboot of this community: Rebooting Cognitive Sciences: a Suggested Approach Since the very beginning of this site, there have been differing ...
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Cognitive Sciences 2012-2016: Community Review

This is a first step into an attempted reboot of this community: Rebooting Cognitive Sciences: a Suggested Approach As messy as meta is, through an organized community effort I'm hoping to collect ...
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Do we need a too-easy or too-basic tag?

We have three questions on meta specifically related to the minimum required complexity of a questions. What's "Too basic" or "General reference" for this site? Uses scope How ...
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Vote for a new site name!

VOTE FOR NEW SITE NAME: PSYCHOLOGY AND NEUROSCIENCE or MIND AND BRAIN. PLEASE VOTE HERE. (Ignore the automatic greyout.) It is a fact that there is essentially no support for Cognitive Sciences as a ...
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Over-moderation and building a userbase

I believe that this SE may be slightly over-moderated. By that I mean, the moderators are acting too often. I see many people come on the site, ask an interesting (if broad or poorly worded question), ...
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What is the etiquette for asking and answering your own question?

Is it okay to answer your own question? Are there any rules that should govern asking and answering your own questions?
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Meta tag for defining scope of the site?

There's a few questions on Meta already which have to do with defining the scope of this site: What is our site NOT about? What's "Too basic" or "General reference" for this ...
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Reflection on site strategy and problem prevention

I think it was Nick who suggested we reflect on the recent events and try to find a strategy to deal with similar problems in the future, as well as reconsider and define the purpose and underlying ...
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Should we use the Inverted Pyramid model for answers?

I'm concerned many posts (including my own) may be hard to take in. An intimidating answer can make it too easy to look at a long answer and think "tl;dr". I think the Inverted Pyramid model is a ...
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How can we promote the site and reach out to industry experts?

The site should soon be coming into a Public Beta period where anyone can sign up and use the site. How can we spread awareness to experts, researchers and practitioners in the cognitive science ...
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Why aren't we asking more questions?

Our Questions stats are pretty bad, currently 2.3 questions per day. How can we encourage more questions on the site? Has anything prevented you from asking questions? Do you think anything is ...
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Newbie styled questions, accessibility and attitudes

I've noticed a trend here where people have issues with certain types of questions, although I've been impressed by the dedication and generally good intentions of those on the chat for sorting things ...
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How should "Too Basic" questions be closed?

As per this post there's some confusion on what some close vote reasons mean. It was brought up that on CS Theory.SE, questions that are too basic fall outside of the scope since it is a site for ...

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