I just added a tag. I felt that it was necessary because (a) we were starting to get a few questions about moral psychology; and (b) moral psychology is a legitimate and substantial subfield of psychology.

I added an initial tag excerpt:

For questions about moral reasoning, moral development, and the psychology of morality in general. Note that questions about whether something is or is not moral is typically more of a philosophical question, and will often not be suited to this site.

I tried to make it clear that the site is not really concerned with issues of whether something is or is not moral.

I thought I'd get comments and thoughts of others in case there were any issues.

I also wasn't quite sure whether would be a better name for the tag?


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I'd prefer (similar to , etc.). We don't have a , or tag, either. In general I'd say, create tags for the fields of psychology first, not for the overall-subjects of those fields. Only create specific topic tags to differentiate multiple aspects of a field of psychology (e.g. ). Thus, the tag could, if necessary, be complemented by tags such as or .

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    Okay. I've set up morality as a synonym of moral-psychology and merged tags into moral-psychology. Aug 19, 2013 at 7:53

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