We have three questions on meta specifically related to the minimum required complexity of a questions.

I propose killing the usage of , , and simply bundling all of them under .

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Yes, a tag makes a lot more sense.

I retagged the only question in and the tag will disappear on its own.


The majority usage of at this point in time is to indicate which topics should be allowed on this main site, in line with its description:

The scope of the main site: what questions are on-topic and what is off-topic

In line with this description I just removed the tag from three questions which talk about question scope instead. I do not feel this would make a question on-topic or off-topic.

To come back to 'question expertise', which could also be considered , a recent review of Meta shows this is a major topic in its own right.

It would be worthwhile reconsidering my earlier proposal of bunching them all together in one tag. The tag could still remain, but we could create more specific and tags perhaps?

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