Questions seeking a scientific explanation for the asker's anecdotal experience has been asked before, with a very good reception by the community. For instance:

In fact, I've also had my fair share of well-received questions that were inspired by anecdotal evidence. For example:

Unfortunately, I didn't have the same luck with my last question: What are possible explanations for the ecstatic experience of “warm oil or honey poured over the top of head and slowly moving down”?

Just like with my previous questions, the idea of my last question didn't just "randomly" pop up in my mind, but was the result of noticing a clear pattern of experience after watching/reading many anecdotal reports. Why is my last question not enjoying the same luck as previous well-received anecdotal-evidence-based questions? In general, how should a question based on anecdotal evidence be asked in order to expect a good reception by the P&N community?



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