Now that we have proposed our site to be renamed 'Psychology and Neuroscience' I like to bring up a point that has been bothering me a long time, namely the tag.

As of now, the master tag is , with the slave synonym being . This means that whenever a person types in the latter, it gets auto-substituted by .

I personally heavily prefer over and would in fact opt to

  1. Swap into the slave and make the master;
  2. Subsequently, and immediately merge the two such that becomes obsolete.

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In answer to the unanimous support to the proposal, the mod team has swapped the and tags synonyms, making the master, and the slave (the synonym).

Any badges earned will simply be replaced;thw system drops the Neurobiology badges and will award you with the corresponding Neuroscience ones. I for example just received the bronze Neuroscience badge and lost the Neurobiology one.

Fig. 1. Screenshot right before merging

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