I know a bit about Reddit (see discussion on meta here). Key features for this discussion include the ability to post links and the existence of large communities interested in cognitive science, psychology and related areas. However, I realise there is a whole world of social network sites out there.

What other online communities exist that permit sharing and voting on links that pertain to cognitive science or pscyhology?


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Less Wrong is one. It is less academic and tends to frown on bare links, being at least as interested in the poster's reasons for posting the link. Someone posted a link to cogsci.stackexchange there yesterday, which is how I got here. Less Wrong is built on the reddit software.

Hacker News is more computer, especially web, oriented but occasionally has good AI, math, and practical psychology (mostly motivation-type) links.

  • Thanks. I hadn't heard of less wrong before. It looks interesting. Feb 7, 2012 at 0:24

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